Ann Arkebauer Design


A new beginning in Blogdome.

Oh no, here I go.

It may seem somewhat hard to believe, that a completely right brained person such as me, who speaks at least a gajillion words a day, really finds it incredibly difficult and frightening to “pen” pretty much anything. Maybe, it's simply a lack of experience on my part, but in my spoken world, I am able to “wing” things a bit and have actually created/invented a whole little nest of new words...perhaps in an attempt to access and stimulate other parts of my brain or perhaps to try and impress, but mostly fail, a few of my Wordy friends, with verbage that I have inventuated on the fly. These words, for the most part, just plop out of my mouth, like a dropped piece of bubble gum onto the sidewalk. And the truth of the matter is, I use this technique when my left brain takes a short nap, (called a “snap”) and I choose to play creative brain inventions with myself.

Soooo......when it was obvious that it was time to have a website built for my design business, I knew I was about to start on a scary, anxious laden and unfamiliar journey. “Yes, Ann, you have to talk about yourself, so that others know what you do, where you've been and how you approach your projects.” And, I had to use real live words, that were familiar to most of mankind and not my spastic inventuated word salads. Ugh! After several miserably failed attempts and to make a long, boring story short, that does however end with a superhero, it was suggested that I hire a writer to get this whole website ball rolling. So ultimately, over a couple of beers at a local establishment, my superhero Tyler, just talked to me, just jotted down some notes and just pretty much nailed the simple and real story of Ann Arkebauer.....and in words that I myself, would have actually spoken out loud! My design journey is not complicated, but honest and filled with passion, creativity, everlasting friendships and personal success.

As I continue doing what I do, saying what I say and being who I am, there will be more photographs added soon on a killer project! As for my next blog entry........don't give up on me yet. It's going to happen soon.


See you then.