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Project: The Kitchen at the Vista....Ann vs Ann

Every now and then, I get asked the question was there or is there a “worst client” and how did I
or do I work through, resolve and/or compromise the journey of the project, given the handicap
of this “worst client” situation.


The answer is easy. Hands down, without a doubt, the evidence is irrefutable and from my
words to your eyes, I and myself are totally the worst client ever. Keep in mind, I don’t want to
challenge current or future clients for this title. (Because, as it stands now, I have had a long roll
call of amazing clients, so I would really like to keep that record intact....okee dokee?)

This title and crown that I give myself, has nothing to do with being a mean, mistreating, angry,
insane, evil and unpredictably behaved human being. I still maintain the charming, friendly,
funny, caring, sunshine and puppy dog personality that I always wear (choke, choke). I speak
only of the fact, that my personal design decisions, project goals and aesthetic preferences
have for the most part always been fluid, transitory and ever evolving. A chair, a piece of art
hanging on a wall, a sculpture on a shelf, why does the dining room table have to actually be in
the dining know where I’m going with this. My brain is a lava lamp of color and
movable blobs of endless possibilities and what could be.


So, when it came time to take on our kitchen reno a few months ago, I knew that we (me and
those brain blobs), were in for big time workout. I knew there were going to be sleepless nights,
thousands of ingredient possibilities to decide on and be willing to live with for a long time,
questioning opinions of others and that creative self doubt from within and of course keeping
within those oh so real, budget restraints (such a drag). But, the scariest part of all was that my
final decisions had to be made with unwavering confidence, because, one can’t exactly take
body parts that make up the kitchen and randomly move them around....change out a wood
species on a cabinet door or say, flip a counter top around just to see how it feels before I host a
party. This story that I was about to layout for our house was for the most part.... DUN, DUN,


So game on! I am so lucky to know and have access to an amazing posse of talented, patient,
fun to hang out with peeps, that were willing to take me and this project on. They are the best of
the best.

Of course there were unforeseen construction potholes, divots, detours and last minute “are you
f****** kidding me” incidents that happened. This is a given. It gets messy. This is Life.


In the end, I love the new space. I love that there were some intentional design misbehavior
decisions implemented. I love the story that was written for our kitchen. I love that I have the
brain that I gives me the electricity that I need to think, mold, strive, and create stories
that have yet to be written for me and others, and it’s because of that, I get to be my very own
worst client. I love what I get to do everyday.

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