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Risks.....step right up and take a chance

Geeez, could I be MIA a little bit longer?!   There is really no solid reason or excuse I can offer up for such a lack of my presence and expressing meaningful, inspirational and deep, deep thoughts, that usually flow non stop from my mouth. And for those that know me well, I am not sure how you have existed these many months without my small injections of wisdom.  So, from now on, I promise you that I will try and slap a little inspiration upside your head a little more often. 

Well, enough of that crap and on with a little bit of fun!  I am a huge and giant fan of taking a few design risks in a space.  With that being said, if you don't take a few risks, how does your space ever get to feel unique, how do you get to flash your style and how are you going to brag, if you just copy someone else's flavor?   For those who are intimidated by design risks and things that may seem outside their comfort zone, safety net or what's going on in the rest of their home...............there is no better space than a kid's bedroom to sass things up!  If the kids are old enough to have input on what they want.......listen to them, have a conversation with them about what you could do.................then quietly throw all of that aside and do what you's your house, right?!  (of course, I am totally kidding here)  So, one idea, as demonstrated above is to choose one wall and do something fun, bold and funky. Here, I worked with my son, Adam (who loves that I use him for his computer, clever brain and math skills), to make things happen for me. I have always loved 70's graphics and bold patterns and one very cool, designer Alexander Girard, was my inspiration here.  I knew I wanted large scale panels to serve as Crew and Milo's (my famous Grand kiddos)  headboard. A call to Adam, a little bribery, finding an appropriate font, some computer layoutskills and the project was ready to install after leaving the printer's in about 5 days!  

I love this wall! Cheers to taking design risks.....small, medium or large!!!

PS: Holy crap, Christmas is 19 days away!  Happy Holiday my Friends!!

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